Which country has the best salmon?

In a survey of worldwide seafood purchasers from major retail and foodservice businesses, Scottish salmon was voted the ‘best-farmed salmon in the world.

One of the world’s top seafood magazines, Seafood International, invited 20 buyers from ten nations to choose the finest farmed salmon-producing country based on better flavor, quality, and appearance. The winner was picked by a panel of judges.

Salmon from Scotland received the most votes in the poll, with seven, followed by salmon from Norway, six, and two salmon from Canada.

Scotland’s Scottish Salmon is a premium farmed Atlantic salmon that is produced in a sustainable manner off the Scottish coast. Salmon that are both robust and rich in fat content is produced by the cold waters and strong currents of the Arctic Ocean.

Scottish salmon has a mild taste and is one of the milder varieties of salmon available on the market. Because of the high-fat content of these fish, they have a buttery texture and mouth-feel to them. Due to the fact that the fish feed is parasite-free, it is safe to consume it uncooked.

Nearly 50 years have passed since the beginning of the trip for Scottish salmon. Unilever was the first to see the potential of farmed salmon, which was previously only available as a luxury item harvested in the wild and consumed as a delicacy.

In part, this is due to Scotland’s most important product, Scotch whiskey, projecting a reputation for quality and provenance, which has helped drive the country’s salmon appeal.

Despite an unclear supply and continuing fierce competition, demand for Scottish salmon is anticipated to remain high in the following years. Salmon is promoted as a nutritious and filling food choice. Customers’ preferences have shifted to it as a more inexpensive source of protein in recent years. Since 2013, salmon and trout have ranked first and second in the world’s fish trade.