Where does Vanilla grow?

Vanilla (genus Vanilla) is grown in regions usually near the equator, and each of them has its unique flavor and feature depending on its process of cultivation, methods, environment characteristics, and the like.

Vanilla, is a well-known flavoring for chocolates, baking goods, and even perfumes, and yet it is only grown in a few countries and regions. Let us know more about the five known vanilla-growing regions in the world; without further ado let us refer to the list below:

  1. MEXICO – The homeland of Vanilla and was discovered by the Indians. The bees living in Mexico have progressed to pollinate a vanilla orchid flower and the sole reason why Mexico was the only growing region of vanilla beans for three centuries during that time. 
  2. MADAGASCAR – It is known for having hand-pollinated Vanillas. They somewhat got a vanilla vine from Mexico, and at first, it just grew flowers but rarely resulted in having pods. That was then until they discovered fertilizing vanilla flowers by hand without the help of that particular Mexican bee. 
  3. TAHITI – It is famous for having a crossbreed species of Vanilla. It is ideal to grow Vanillas here because of its tropical climate. This region has been cultivating two species of vines namely the Vanilla aromatica and the Vanilla fragrance. Eventually, they discovered this vine named Vanilla tahitensis as the crossbreed of the two particular species grown in Tahiti. 
  4. INDONESIA – This country has a high production of Vanilla next to Madagascar. They tend to harvest beans all at once. They have a high heat production method that resulted in having sharp and wooden characteristics of vanilla beans.
  5. UGANDA – It is recognized for having two harvests of Vanilla per year. They do have vanilla-pollinating bees but use hand pollination dominantly because these bees are outnumbered and also live far from vanilla farms.