What to serve with Pancit Molo?

It is believed that Pancit Molo originated in the Philippines as a wonton soup meal. The wontons are stuffed with ground pork and shrimp, making for a delectable blend of flavors. It is produced using chicken broth and water, along with pieces of rotisserie chicken. You may also use ordinary water instead of chicken stock or chicken broth, but you will need to add chicken bouillon to the recipe if you do so.

Although the ingredients of this dish add to the overall delectability of Pancit Molo, there is one that stands out in particular. It is, without question, the roasted garlic, also known as tustadong bawang, that has captured everyone’s attention. The Pancit Molo is elevated to a whole new level by including it.

On the other hand, what other meals will go nicely with the Pancit Molo? 

Pancit Molo is offered in various forms in Molo and the surrounding areas of Iloilo City. It is agreed unanimously that their siopao and chicken ala king are the most delectable accompaniments of Pancit Molo.

To get Queen Siopao, Iloilo’s most renowned siopao, one must go to the city of Iloilo itself. You get a side of rice as well as a heaping helping of Chinese sausage, boiled egg, bacon, chicken, and braised adobo pig, adding the taste of Pancit Molo, and you can enjoy your meal.

Another in Iloilo, however, a meal known as Chicken ala King, which is cooked in the shape of a flower basket, has gained popularity owing to its visually pleasing look and simplicity of preparation. The delicious chicken and corn combination is served on three triangular loaf bread pieces with the Pancit Molo in many restaurants.