What is monk fruit?

Monk fruit or also called Luo Han Guo is a tiny, rounded fruit that belongs to the gourd group. Over a thousand years ago, the Luo Han monks have founded this fruit in some of their land’s mountain ranges. This fruit was known for its sweet taste and was an ancient secret myth of longevity, also known as their sacred fruit or also called immortal’s fruit.

Monk fruits are usually grown in only a few selected locations in China and running for about hundreds of centuries, their growth requires a high amount of rain, humidity, and a high difference of temperature during the day and the night. They always ensure that their crops grow naturally, as they do not use chemical-based pesticides, away from contamination, being hand-picked to gain the fruit’s best quality.

These monks are their land’s healers, they traditionally heal people to refrain from being addicted to eating unhealthy sweets. They cultivate and process their monk fruits in a sustainable way having a possible rate of 0% emissions on their processing plants. They do these up onto the modern-day.

Monk fruits belong to the high rank of treating herbaceous plants in eastern medicine. It has a high rate of treating almost all kinds of illnesses. This fruit is known for its sweet taste and is gained from a presence of an antioxidant named mogrosides. People who cultivate monk fruits are thought to be being granted longevity, they are known of being blessed in having a long life.

Monk fruit is used as an alternative for sugar, it is all-natural having a few calories to no-calorie ratings. It can also help you prevent health problems like migraines, diabetes, metabolic conditions, high blood, heart problems, cancer, cognitive functioning, polycystic ovary syndrome, and the like.

You can now enjoy sweets to your preferences with this healthy and natural alternative called “modern-day superfood” to our traditionally known sweeteners and sugars.