Is Sunflower Oil good for you?

Sunflower Oils are made from the Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) seeds by a pressing process. Nowadays, sunflower oils are often associated and compared with other healthy oils. However, the number of benefits of using it may depend on its cultivated plant’s variation and nutrient forms.

Sunflower Oil has become a trend not only as a food or ingredient but also as a medicine, beauty oil, and skin treatment. 

Advantages of Sunflower Oil

  1. Rich in vitamins E and K. Sunflower Oil is a good source of vitamins E and K, and it has 120 calorie intake and 14 fat intake for every one tablespoon of it.
  2. Good for the heart. Sunflower oil is considered monounsaturated fat, an oleic type of oil, so it can help prevent heart problems. Oils that contain at least seventy percent of oleic acid components can reduce proneness to heart attacks.
  3. Suitable for the brain and nerves. A study suggests that oils that are rich in vitamin E, which Sunflower Oil has, can help ease nerve pains and even limit the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. Good for facial skin. Sunflower oil has become a beauty oil among women and even men. It can help lighten dark spots and pimple marks and even dark under eyes. It can also help lighten stretch marks.
  5. It may be used as a makeup remover substitute. Sunflower oil is proven to remove effectively waterproof and stubborn makeups.
  6. Good for hair and scalp. Sunflower oil can help make your hair smooth and manageable and help ease the scalp’s dryness and itchiness.
  7. Used as a skin-protecting barrier. Sunflower oil can help relieve redness and skin inflammatory. It can also help hydrate skin, relieve minor burns and insect bites.

Are you planning to use sunflower oil? Find a product that is organic or a cold-pressed type; it is much more effective.