Is matcha tea healthy?

Matcha Tea is produced from ground leaves, while regular tea is prepared from soaked leaves. Matcha Tea is a Japanese traditional type of tea served for their rituals or made for meditation. 

Many people rave about Matcha Tea, usually as their favorite drink in a cafe or an establishment. Is it okay to drink Matcha Tea daily? Is Matcha Tea healthy?

This delicious beverage is indeed healthy, as it was just a leaf for more than thousands of years before, has now become a lifestyle. 

  1. Matcha for your caffeine fix. If you feel to put up an all-nighter may be either for some tasks or homework, make some coffee mixed with matcha tea. It will help you get the energy boost you need without caffeine palpitations, anxiety, and the like.
  2. Matcha for the immune system. Are you feeling sick? Drink a cup of matcha tea. I will help you boost your immune system and restrain the growth of viruses and bacterias. It is mainly suitable for fighting cases of flu, hepatitis, and sore throats.
  3. Matcha burns calories. Add this to your diet plan and see the results. Matcha Tea has catechins that can activate the body’s process to burn fats. But be sure to exercise!
  4. Matcha can help ease anxiety. Matcha has L-theanine that can activate a relaxed state of mind. It is also the one responsible for giving Matcha a sweet flavor.
  5. Matcha for oral health. Mouth problems? There’s a test where matcha tea has the highest reduction of bacterial activities found in your mouth. 
  6. Matcha for good skin. Matcha tea is known to reduce redness by acne. You can make a drink or you can also make your own Matcha face mask.
  7. Matcha for detox. Matcha has a high amount of antioxidants that can help you remove toxins in your body.