How healthy is bubble tea?

Tea is an excellent example of an antioxidant but does all beverages with “tea” imply that it is healthy? Bubble tea, Boba tea, pearl milk tea, or whatever you call it, surprisingly became a trend just several years ago. The Taiwanese are the mastermind behind this tasty beverage. 

Bubble tea is made from brewed black, green, or red tea that has been infused with milk. Its sugar level can be adjusted to your liking. It is always served with ice, and, of course, the tapioca pearls are always present. Bubble tea shops are now offering fruit-flavored variants such as winter melon, strawberry, mango, lychee, and so on.

Out of the blue, it became everyone’s favorite beverage. Do you believe it is okay for you to sip bubble tea every day? How healthy is bubble tea?

Tea is healthy, but flavored tea has advantages and disadvantages. It is not a good idea to drink bubble tea every day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight and limit your sugar intake.

A 500ml cup of bubble tea is estimated to contain at least 92g of sugar, which is three times the amount of sugar difference in a 320ml can of soda.

It is good to reduce bubble tea consumption to a special treat, and bubble tea can be ordered based on personal preference; just simply tell your barista. Here are some ideas for getting healthier bubble tea: reduce or eliminate the sugar level and perhaps even the flavoring.

Another option is to request fresh, low-fat, or skimmed milk, which seems to be a good alternative for non-dairy creamers. The final option is to request a plain bubble tea or reduce the tapioca pearls. Tapioca pearls contribute to calorie intake.

Drink bubble tea moderately or perhaps try on new healthy drinks, and that is today’s tea!