Is bamboo edible for humans?

Bamboo is a member of the grass family and is always mistaken as a tree because it grows pretty tall. Bamboo grows in places having tropical and temperate climates. It is not your typical needy plant as it grows wildly and sustainably.

Bamboo is used for construction and medicines, even as material for clothes, fuel, furniture, musical instruments, and the list goes on. As a few know, Bamboo is edible for humans. That is why some use it for food.

Bamboo is more than just a building material. Bamboo shoots, which are the bamboo sprouts that have just formed from the soil, are the edible parts of Bamboo. There are a lot of Bamboo plant varieties that have edible shoots. Some Asian countries consider bamboo shoots as a vegetable, always available as bamboos are wildly grown there. While some Western countries consider it exotic food, they find it hard to buy a fresh one as it is readily available to them as canned goods.

Bamboo shoots are rich in fiber and potassium, have a low content of fats and calories, and taste like corn that is tender and crunchy. It can be grown by just your neighborhood and can be quickly picked and is also available in the market. Bamboo shoots have a distinctive soft taste and can effortlessly mingle into several cuisines worldwide.

Bamboo shoots are usually available during the spring season and must be harvested between two to four weeks when their size is much like corn. The best ones are generally the younger ones peeping on the soil. Make sure to mound a space for it to grow bigger. Bamboo shoots have a chunky culmination and have a wood-like texture, which shall be removed before cooking it. After removing it, the remaining parts of the bamboo shoot are color pale yellow and soft.