How was wine discovered?

As your day ends, you pour in your favorite wine into a glass, and while casually enjoying it, a random thought pops into your head, “How was wine discovered?”.

Wine is a kind of beverage usually made from fermented grape juice. It has become a part of every culture in the world, that is the reason why it has many versions and being debated on how it was discovered.

Even though stories are circulating of different stories about how was wine discovered, it all leads to the same link, that it was founded unintentionally.

There was a story where archeologists had a theory that the stone age people founded wine. They have seen some animals eating fermented fruit wherein they tried and liked it too and then started making their own by stuffing wild grapes into animal-skin pouches.

Another one was an ancient tale from Persians where a princess has discovered wine. She and the king fought seriously that she was ashamed of it, she ate some ruined table grapes to end her own life. As she did not expect, she did not die. After eating all those table grapes, she just got woozy and passed out. She did it again because it felt like being drunk while gaining the trust of her king again.

Those are two of the famous stories on how wine was founded but, the first evidence of wine was the earliest traces of wine found in the Hajji Firuz Tepe, mountains of Iran. This wine ages about 5400 to 5000 BC.

The Egyptians and Greeks both love wine. Throughout history, Egyptians as shown from their hieroglyphics reveals how much they liked wines. While the Greeks, wines are associated with the juice of the gods called Ambrosia. According to them, if the gods and goddesses let you drink this particular wine, you will become one of them.