How was potato discovered?

Potatoes had a long journey before they became one of the world’s most known crops. Potato is a vegetable root crop that is widely used as a food, also for baking, sauces, cooking, and the like.

Some history of the potato

The potato was from a plant called Nightshade. Dated three hundred fifty years ago, this plant progressed through time not only it became potatoes, but also chili peppers, tomatoes, and the like. 

The Incas were the first known in cultivating potatoes in Peru. Archeologists have found shreds of evidence that potatoes were around them roughly since 400 BCE. The potatoes first looked like our fingers during that time. Potatoes grew prosperous in their mountain ranges, specifically in a place they call the ‘valley zone‘. It was one of the main reasons why the Incas were one of the great civilizations in our history.

They use potatoes in making Chuñu, a kind of food preservative that can last up to ten years in which they dehydrate and mash the potatoes. They also used potatoes to treat wounds and were also used in giving childbirth. 

In 1532, the Spaniards invaded the Incas which sadly ended in the Spaniards’ favor. Their invasion’s goal was to find gold, but it leads to the discovery of potatoes.

They have gathered potatoes into their ship to introduce it to their homeland, Europe. The potato spread like a disease in the entire European countries during the 1800s, which became their stable food and crop when the date reached the 1900s.

Today, potatoes evolved into a thousand variants widely used in different countries and regions. It was also hailed as an important ingredient to many world cuisines. One-third of the potatoes in the world were being cultivated by the Chinese and Indians alone, becoming the Earth’s fourth-largest food crop.