How to eat a Guava Guayaba?

The guava juice has been called “the nectar of the gods” on many occasions. Enjoy the guava’s whole sweetness, not just its juice, and you will be transported to a tropical paradise.

So, how do you eat Guava Guayaba?

Find the supplest guava: the softer guava, the sweeter, and more delightful. Guavas should be handled as perishable fruits since they are best when tender. You should have two days to eat guavas after buying or harvesting them, depending on how ripe they are. 

Squeeze the guava to check for ripeness. When pressed, ripe fruit gives somewhat. Examine the guava for flaws. Choose guavas with no apparent imperfections. Unblemished fruit is often inferior in flavor.

Look at the guava. The fruit grows from a bright green to a subdued yellow-green. Look for fruits with a pink blush for the most pleasing taste and texture. You may always buy green guavas and wait for them to ripen. You can smell ripe guava even without holding it up to your nose. It has a lovely musky scent. You’ve previously eaten guava that smells as nice as it tastes.

The guava rinds may be eaten, so wash the whole fruit before eating. Rinse the fruit in a dish of cold water to remove bacteria and dry them using paper towels; lay out your green guava to chop on a chopping board. Cut your guava in half. Serrated blades are ideal for cutting open guavas. Some guavas have pink flesh, while others have white. You may cut them in half or finely slice them.

Enjoy the guava. You may eat the guava whole (rind and all) or scoop out the insides and eat them. But a wonderful lunch awaits. Some people season guavas with soy sauce, salt, sugar, or vinegar. Unused guava halves may be refrigerated for up to four days. Guavas should be refrigerated if not used within four days; freeze guavas for up to eight months.