How do they find black truffles?

Truffle hunting is one of the most exciting parts of the fungus. Growing truffles is challenging and frequently yields disappointing results. Sourcing truffles from various soils is still the most common method. Finding truffles is difficult due to stringent laws protecting this earth’s treasure.

To go truffle hunting, you must first pass a test and get an authorization card. This protects the beautiful mushroom’s natural spontaneity and benign growth from unskilled hands. You must know the regulations that apply while looking for truffles, which dog is most suited for the job, and that owning a truffle hunting dog is needed by law.

The Italian legislation requires a collector to use specific equipment to dig up the prized fungus. The spade (truffle collector’s spade) is a tiny hoe used to avoid damaging the soil and the delicate roots of the fungus. After removing the truffle from the ground, the hole must be covered with dirt to develop a fresh truffle.

Transporting truffles requires specific equipment, such as a truffle sack or a mushroom picker’s vest. Wear knee-high boots and protective clothing to avoid thorns, stinging insects, and snakes. A truffle hunter should always have gloves, a stick, and first aid supplies.

Truffle hunting is a complicated sport that needs skill and care. The hunt for truffles is a centuries-old family custom that is tough to master on your own. It is also essential to know the woods well enough to identify the land, flora, and hidden indications that signal the existence of the buried treasure. Good search results are improbable without this experience.

For example, black truffle spores include a chemical that alters the pH of the soil, preventing the development of other plants. So the earth surrounding the truffle becomes bare. Known as pianelli or witch circles, these desolate lands were long thought to be haunted by witches.