How are lychees grown?

Lychee tree produces little, dimpled, fleshy fruits with a light, aromatic flavor called lychees, obviously. Lychees are natively grown in China, and it grows well in a warm, wet climate. 

Lychees have red-pinkish skin looking textured and rough; when opened, it appears to be clear to white and color and tastes sweet. Be sure not to eat its seed inside because it is poisonous, but you can keep it to have it cultivated. Lychee is another example of a versatile fruit because it can be eaten fresh, frozen, and processed into desserts and sauces.

Lychees require a lot of time and care. It grows best in soil that is acidic and fertile at the same time. It will help if you locate it where it can see the sun 100%. However, lychee trees must also be protected from strong winds.

Lychee Trees

Lychee trees preferred to be watered regularly throughout the year, even during the wintertime. Surprisingly, it can cope up with freezing weather though it grows best in warmer climates. To bear fruits, you must expose them to a cold temperature of 32 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit for not less than 100 hours. In that way, it will speed up to grow flowers in early summer. Lychee trees love humid temperatures so much.

Know that lychee trees take much time to bear fruits. It can take up to five years. Lychees grow in bunches. When it appears as red to pink in color, it is then now ripe.

Please keep the insects and diseases out of the lychee tree to ensure its longevity and produce quality fruits. Once a web or a powdery residue is visible on the plant/tree, you should address the problem quickly before it spreads from other of your plants.