Are green mangoes good for you?

Green mangoes are such a delight during summertime. Going to your province, meeting your grandparents, mango trees on a farm, that is what makes green mangoes a nostalgic memory!

Green mango is a crunchy, sour fruit often dipped with anchovy sauce or salt mixed with chili powder. Try dipping it with soy sauce mixed with sugar for a different experience.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s a great fruit:

  1. Thirst-quencher from heat – Mango is an excellent choice of refreshment. Sipping some can help alleviate the warmth you feel by balancing out the minerals in your body to prevent dehydration. The minerals in your body can be depleted by sweat; mango juice can maintain and keep your body cool.
  2. Aid bowel movement problems – Mango is one of the fruits having to help prevent digestive issues. It is rich in properties that can treat constipation, indigestion, hyperacidity, heartburn, morning sickness, and nausea.
  3. It keeps the heart healthy – Mango is known to have fibers and vitamin B that can lessen the risk of getting heart attacks. It can also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, blood circulation improvements, and other heart problems out there.
  4. Hello to a healthy liver – Ingesting mango can help in bile acid secretion that will keep the liver healthy by removing toxins from the body. 
  5. Promotes strong teeth and gums – Mango is a great help in preventing bad breath, also in treating bleeding gums and lessen the risk of tooth decay. How to get that? It is so easy and simple; just eat raw mangoes.
  6. Boost the immune system – Mangoes are rich in vitamins C and A, known to help the body maintain its healthy state by fighting off viruses and bacterias that may enter. It may also make your skin and hair look healthy and glowing.