Dinuguan at Puto ingredients

Dinuguan at puto is regarded as a satisfying dinner combo by most Filipinos. Steamed rice cake with pig blood stew is what this is all about. The ingredients you’ll need to prepare them are as follows:

Steamed rice cake can be prepared in a variety of ways. It is a delicious snack, and it may also be served as a morning dish with a hot cup of freshly prepared coffee. Puto may be made using all-purpose flour. Also, keep in mind that making puto does not call for eggs. It depends on baking powder to let the mixture rise and turn into a delectable confection.

When it comes to baking powder, be sure you use freshly ground baking powder for the best results. I recommend that you use a bamboo steamer since it is pretty compelling. Following that, place the molds with the cheese puto mixture in them, cover them, and begin steaming – there is no need for any cheesecloth.

Cooking pork dinuguan is a straightforward and straightforward process. You must identify a source for pig blood before moving further with the dish’s preparation. To buy fresh pork blood in the wet market, you may need to arrive early in the day on certain occasions. Even better, the butcher will offer it to you for free, providing that you buy meat from their booth beforehand. 

For the next step, you’ll need an onion and garlic for sautéing. The next step is to sear the pork shoulder and add the other seasoning. Pork shoulder is the most common cut of meat that I utilize. You may also use pork belly for this dish if you like. After you’ve waited for the pork to get soft, add long green peppers or siling pansigang to taste. Naturally, the last step involves pouring the blood into the pot. Remember to keep stirring once the blood has formed to prevent it from solidifying more!