Codfish vs Saltfish

It is extremely difficult to keep fresh Codfish. The difference in flavor between salt fish and fresh cod is minimal in terms of intensity. Saltfish will have a more pungent taste since it has been salted longer. That salt cod is referred regarded as “the prosciutto of the sea” has a good explanation behind it.

Is there any difference between Saltfish and Codfish?

Saltfish is a kind of fish that has been dried and salted, often cod from the North Atlantic. Other species, such as pollock, have been used in place of cod in recent years since cod has become rare and costly due to scarcity and high prices.

Therefore, the issue is: Is cod the same as Bacalao, or is it different? Saltfish, also known as Bacalao, bacalhau, baccalà, or dried fish in the Caribbean, is a fresh, meaty white fish (usually cod.) It has been traditionally preserved for extended storage by curing it in salt and drying it until all of the moisture has been removed from the flesh.

Do you know what the flavor of Saltfish is like?

The final result is a soft and meaty fish with a pleasingly substantial texture (closer to a satisfying steak than a fresh Codfish fillet). The taste has also been altered; it is now delicious rather than excessively fishy. You will taste the salt, but it will not be overpoweringly salty if the cod has been well washed and soaked before cooking.

Is it possible to use fresh Codfish in place of Saltfish in specific recipes?

You may get the equivalent of 250-285 g de-salted and soaked Bacalao from 500 g of fresh fish. Seafood fillets should be laid out in a single layer, skin side down, on a plate or dish that will collect any liquids that may be released from the fish after it has been salted.