white or green grapes on hand

Benefits of White Grapes

White grapes, or also called green grapes because of their color appearance. White grapes are a popular fruit not only because it tastes sweet-sour, but it also has vitamins and minerals good for your body. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Here are some benefits of white grapes: Reduces cholesterol - Green grapes have resveratrol properties that can help…

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eggplant and eggplant slices

Is eggplant healthy?

Many diverse cuisines use eggplants as ingredients. Eggplant has the same firmness as tomatoes, making it ideal for soups, stews, and grilling. Is eggplant healthy? Nothing else needs to be said. Surprised? Yes, this delectable fruit provides health advantages as well. This list will teach you the seven benefits of including eggplant in your diet. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle…

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Where does okra come from?

Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus, alsoHibiscus esculentus) is also known as lady's fingers. The term "okra" may be of Niger-Congo origin, then in the late 18th century, the term "okra" was already used in English. Okra is of the cotton family like all the Mallow relatives. The tasty green seed pod is a viable crop in warm climates since it is an annual…

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5 bamboo canes

Is bamboo edible for humans?

Bamboo is a member of the grass family and is always mistaken as a tree because it grows pretty tall. Bamboo grows in places having tropical and temperate climates. It is not your typical needy plant as it grows wildly and sustainably. Bamboo is used for construction and medicines, even as material for clothes, fuel, furniture, musical instruments, and the list…

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Lumpiang Sariwa vegetarian dish

Lumpiang Sariwa recipe

Lumpiang Sariwa, also known as Fresh Spring Roll, is a Filipino vegetable dish made up of various vegetables wrapped in a soft wrapper and topped with sweet sauce and crushed peanuts. Here is a recipe to prepare it! Ingredients For the filling 2 cups of sweet potato (cube)2 tbsp of fish sauce or patis1 lb of cabbage (shredded)1 ½ cup of carrots (julienned)½ cup…

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trail mix of nuts and dried fruits

Are trail mix nuts good for you?

Trail mix is mainly a combination of dried fruit and nuts and then paired with seeds, chocolates, pretzels, or cereals depending on your preference. It is also called "gorp" which means "good old raisins and peanuts". Trail mix is perfect for energy-consuming activities like hiking, exercising, doing sports, and the like. It does not need anything because its shelf life…

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