wine being poured on a glass wine

How was wine discovered?

As your day ends, you pour in your favorite wine into a glass, and while casually enjoying it, a random thought pops into your head, "How was wine discovered?". Wine is a kind of beverage usually made from fermented grape juice. It has become a part of every culture in the world, that is the reason why it has many versions…

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cup of matcha green tea

Is matcha tea healthy?

Matcha Tea is produced from ground leaves, while regular tea is prepared from soaked leaves. Matcha Tea is a Japanese traditional type of tea served for their rituals or made for meditation.  Many people rave about Matcha Tea, usually as their favorite drink in a cafe or an establishment. Is it okay to drink Matcha Tea daily? Is Matcha Tea healthy? This delicious…

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matcha green tea leaves and powder

Where does matcha green tea come from?

Almost everybody has been raging about Matcha Green Tea. There is a variant flavor of Matcha Green Tea for lattes, milk teas, frappes, desserts, and other beverages.  Green Matcha Tea is rich in natural antioxidants, explicitly protecting the liver from toxins. It is known to boost brain function as to why students love to drink it during an all-nighter. It also…

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espresso coffee

How to make an Italian coffee

Italy is certainly the place to enjoy a good coffee. Caffé is the Italian for coffee and comes from the name ‘Kaffa’ the place in Ethiopia where coffee first originated. Italian coffee is usually made with Arabica coffee, as this produces a smoother tasting coffee, containing half the amount of caffeine. If you ask for a caffé, you will be served…

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