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What to serve with pancit molo 1

What to serve with Pancit Molo?

How do you decide if a city or a province is a "food town?" In my view, a place would need to provide specialty culinary dishes that, although similar to those available in other restaurants, seem to be better prepared and presented in this setting. No one makes sushi quite like Japan, and no one does wonton noodles quite like Hong…

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bush of carrots

Are carrots good for your eyes?

Carrots are well-known all over the world for their crunchy texture and many nutrients. Many people think that they help your vision in low light by preventing unnecessary light from entering your eyes. This may perplex you, but you should be curious where this idea originated and whether it has evidence to support it. In this article, you'll learn about the…

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Jollibee chicken

Jollibee Chicken Recipe

Jollibee Chicken Joy is a hand-breaded, crispy, and juicy fried chicken topped with delicious gravy. Unfortunately, Jollibee is only available in a few locations, such as the Philippines, Hawaii, etc. It's because no matter what, I make a point of putting Jollibee on my itinerary whenever I go to a nation that offers it. KFC's recipe is a closely guarded…

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Halo halo dessert

Halo-Halo Recipe

Halo-halo or Halo may refer to a dish in which several ingredients are combined. This Halo-Halo Recipe consists of ice cream, evaporated milk, sugar, syrup, sweet beans, sweet bananas, coconut nata, jelly, or luscious sweetened jackfruit. My brothers, cousins, and I spent our happy summer days together, reminiscing about Halo-Halo. As I had previously spent every school break at my grandparents' house,…

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Balut duck egg recipe

Balut Recipe

A balut is a high-protein, high-fat, and high-cholesterol delicacy. It would be best if you sprinkled some salt and pepper on your balut while eating it. Balut is a cooked fertilized duck egg with a nearly formed embryo within. They are delicacies of Asia, particularly the Philippines, China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Street sellers sell most balut at night in areas where…

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handful of fresh spinach

Is spinach healthy?

Spinach is one of the most versatile leafy greens. I use it in my green smoothies, as a garnish in chilled salads, to steam and sauté fresh spinach, and as an ingredient in stir fry and baked goods. Here are the benefits of increasing our consumption of this powerful-in-guarding-against-disease food to help us stay motivated to include it in our meals…

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Pinakurat jar

Pinakurat Recipe

In Filipino restaurants as well as at street vendors, condiments are always readily available, even when you're just standing there eating. These condiments, which come in the form of a self-mixed dipping sauce known as "sawsawan," allow diners to personalize the taste of their meal. Sukang Pinakurat is a vinegar produced from organic coconut shredded sap, also known as "tuba," which is…

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Sinamak recipe

Sinamak Recipe

Sinamak (an Ilonggo language extensively spoken in the western Visayas and other areas of Mindanao, particularly in Cotabato) is the city of Iloilo's take on spiced vinegar. The flavor and appeal of this condiment are derived from a combination of spices that have been steeped in vinegar for a period ranging from several days to many weeks. If you're cooking with…

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Pickled daikon radish

Pickled Daikon Radish

Daikon Radish is a big white radish that is often used in Japanese and Korean dishes. Radishes have a taste that is comparable to that of tomatoes, although it is more delicate. The tastiest section of the root is the thickest green area closest to the top, while the peppery and spicy part of the root is the thin bottom region.…

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Papaya atchara dish

Papaya Atchara Dish

Filipinos often call this dish Atcharang Papaya, or "Filipino Green Papaya Pickles." Even after being refrigerated and kept for an extended period of time, this meal keeps its taste. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); One of the well-known Philippine cuisines is the pickled green papaya atchara, which is often used as a side dish with Filipino dishes.…

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