Are trail mix nuts good for you?

Trail mix is mainly a combination of dried fruit and nuts and then paired with seeds, chocolates, pretzels, or cereals depending on your preference. It is also called “gorp” which means “good old raisins and peanuts”. Trail mix is perfect for energy-consuming activities like hiking, exercising, doing sports, and the like. It does not need anything because its shelf life is not high maintenance, put it in your Tupperware then you are good, and you can also do it all by yourself. 

The nutrition in trail mixes mainly goes from dried fruits and nuts. Now, your add-ons will determine how healthy and good your trail mix can be. Here is a guide to know what add-ons to choose to guarantee a good trail mix selection.

If you prefer yogurt-covered raisins, we all know yogurts are known to have bone-building calcium and gut-healthy probiotics, you should avoid slightly powdered yogurt-coated raisins variant because it does not contain much of that nutrition, and it can also have hydrogenated oils and sugars.

Another variant of yogurt-coated trail mixes adds more probiotics to their mixture, but if your objective is to have those gut-healthy probiotics, kefir and regular yogurt are good for you.

Some prefer to add chocolates to their mix. Dark chocolates and milk chocolates have good health benefits. Adding few quantities to your mix is good, but avoid adding it with candy-coated chocolates at the same time. 

The sodium and sugar content in your mixes has a big factor in your diet. Adults should only consume 2,300 mg of sodium a day, so check in your nutrition facts. As for sugars, some do not list the amount of added sugars, but those naturally occurring sugars found in dried fruits have no nutritional value.

For the last guide, trail mix proportions also play a big role in your diet. A 1/4 cup of trail mix serving is the most preferred amount to eat per day. Measure and list the amount you eat every day.