5 Health Benefits of Watermelon

A watermelon a day keeps you hydrated all day! 

Watermelons (Citrullus lanatus), are known to have a good amount of water content, it contains about five ounces of water on every cup you take. Watermelons have 1,200 diverse varieties worldwide. It is also one of the most eaten fruits in the world. It was cultivated in Europe and China during the tenth to thirteenth centuries. Japan has its version of watermelons, letting them grow in a boxed-shaped instead of round.

Watermelons are not just delicious and sweet, this amazing fruit is also good for our health. Here are the five remarkable health benefits of eating watermelons:

  1. Watermelons keep you hydrated. Watermelon is a good and healthy thirst quencher because its properties contain water dominantly. Eat watermelon daily to be hydrated. Hydration may help avoid dryness, keeping you cool and fresh especially during summertime, and also effective in maintaining good heart health and an excellent skin state.
  2. Watermelons support healthy weight management. Consider this healthy fruit as an addition to your diet if you want to reduce weight safely. Watermelons tend to give you fullness like how drinking more water helps you to avoid eating more. 
  3. Watermelons help avoid heatstroke. Drink watermelon juice to help freshen up your body. It has electrolytes that can help avoid heatstrokes. It is a life-threatening scenario, usually happens during summertime at all group ages. 
  4. Watermelons aid digestive problems. This fruit contains fluid-like prebiotics that can be beneficial for our intestines. Prebiotics promotes a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and mood improvements.
  5. Watermelons contain essential nutrients while also being low in carbs. Watermelons taste sweet but it actually has low sugar and carbs intake. It is also rich in vitamins A and C that promote a healthy immune system and skin. It is also enriched with antioxidants like potassium, magnesium, and vitamin D.